When things go wrong


Things go wrong. A lot.

Things that go wrong in the publishing process fairly often:

  • Formatting - ebook is wonky, description looks wrong, reverts to an older version
  • Blurbs - formatting is wonky ^

What you do:

  • Edit in Author Central
  • ask other authors/search in FB groups
  • If all else fails, contact KDP (contact us page anywhere in kdp.amazon.com)

Things that go wrong after sales come in:

  • Bad Reviews!
  • people receive books in bad shape

There isn't much you can do about bad reviews. You will NEVER please everyone, no matter how FANTASTIC your book is. Read them every once in a while, to see if there are any glaring errors, but don't pay them too much attention. (Better said than done, I know)

If people get damaged books, apologize and refer them to Amazon for replacement, or replace it yourself at no cost if it was sent from you.