Step Two - Writing

Let's Get Started!

Action Steps:

Watch the first video for what we'll be working on first. Post your book detail sheet to the FB group by the 7th.

Click here for the google document I referenced in the video.

  • make a copy
  • fill in the details
  • post it in the group with the commenting feature turned on (described in video)

Story Outline

I'm pleased to introduce you to Randy who is an author, a writing coach, and has graciously offered to join us for 2 weeks. Randy will be teaching you how to create a story outline.

I know what you're thinking.

'Does a children's book really NEED an outline?'

Everyone writes and plans their stories differently, so no, you don't NEED an outline. Is it a good thing to have? ABSOLUTELY!

Having an outline will help you to write your book faster, better, and it will provide CLARITY for your story.

Randy talks about the 'Hero's Journey' with some well known examples, and teaches you how to apply the principles. He's included the presentation sides, in case you want to go back and refresh on something without rewatching the video. The workbook is downloadable, and you can complete it on your computer if you want to.

Randy will be in our FB group from the 7th -21st, to answer any questions you have, so please use him as a resource!

Presentation Slides.pdf