Step One - Planning


Week One - Set Our Timeline - Mark important goals on the calendar, plan funding if bulk printing

Week Two - Write The Book - We will be sharing our book details, working on our outlines with Randy and stories, and then posting them to the group for feedback.

Week Three - Edit The Book - We will go back to our drafts with the comments from others, and our information from Carla, and work on the manuscripts again.

Week Four - Illustrations - Start looking, if you haven't already. Start asking for samples, try to get 3 samples and choose from those.

Week Five - Six - PrePublishing Work - This includes applying for an ISBN, writing the book's description, choosing metadata keywords, and book categories. We'll also decide on the formats we're going to offer (ebook, PB, HC, Audio)

Week Seven - Create KDP account (and/or Advantage for bulk printing)

Week Eight - Upload files and order a proof copy. Publish the ebook and start sharing about it

Week Nine - Promote the ebook! Receive the proof.

Week Ten - Publish!!

It's time to make a plan!

So far you have:

  • at minimum an idea for a story
  • have an idea of how you're going to pay for your book production costs
  • have an idea of whether or not you're going to print on demand (POD) or print in bulk
  • have a good idea of how you want to find an illustrator.

Next is to work out a realistic schedule.

Print off the overview planner below, watch the video, look at the timeline I've provided, and fill in the dates as you watch (in pencil!).

2019 overview planner.pdf