Picture Book Publishing

"I have just been going through your course! I've been publishing children's books one Amazon for 8 years but! I have learnt so many new things so I truly thank you."

- Joshua McManus, Author, Illustrator & Poet

"This week, I took Laurie Wright's course that she offered (THANK YOU LAURIE!!!). It was SO GOOD- I literally took 12 PAGES worth of notes! And now I'm going to go through my notes, highlight what I'm going to do next, make a plan, execute my plan and then evaluate how it went.

- Stacy Bauer, Author of the Cami Kangaroo series

Laurie really knows her stuff and is an enormous resource for those of us trying to launch into the business of self-publishing!

I highly recommend this course when you are ready to make real progress on your dream of self-publishing!

Testimonial for Profitable Picture Books from Alicia Stenard:

- Alicia Stenard, Author

“Being an independent author myself, I get asked a lot about ‘How to self-publish?’ — I always send people in Laurie’s direction as she has already created the perfect streamlined process at a great price point. I didn’t have a lot of money to invest into my children’s book when I first started out, but with Laurie’s help and guidance it has become a #1 Best Seller without ever having to pay an arm and leg!”

- Jacquelyn Stagg, Author

I immediately felt comfortable talking to you. You never made me feel silly for not understanding something and I orly felt you had my best interests at heart. Simply put, you care! Our session helped me figure out my priorities and my next steps. Afterwards, a follow up plan was given that was simple and not overwhelming. As a complete Amazon newbie, this was refreshing! I felt you provided a safe space for me to ask questions and that you are a genuine person that is passionate about seeing others succeed. Thank you and I look forward to our next session!

- Kayla Diamond, Author